September 2022

Young toadstool

The fundamental question of whether Austrians pick mushrooms is rather difficult to answer. It is not as common as in Poland, nor is it as avid, i.e. no one is likely to get up at 4 a.m. so that no one picks anything before them, but one can find some people leaning to find them

The rather moderate popularity of mushrooming, is not a result of a lack of preference for mushrooms, but rather unfamiliarity with the subject. This means that around Villach mushrooms are plentiful. Yes, there are vast quantities of them. Boletus, ricots, butters, chanterelles, rushers, scimitars, cannas and, of course, a whole host of poisonous mushrooms of all sorts. In fact, where not to go in the woods, a basket of mushrooms can be collected in a dozen minutes or so. Dissolved by this fact being recently on a walk we decided to collect only boletus, a dozen pieces were found in half an hour.

Boletus from Maria Gail

It seems like it is not very popular activity and in addition, with the protection period that starts from October, mushroom picking is not allowed in Carinthia,

Anyway, completely unexpectedly it turns out to be a real paradise for mushroom pickers here.

Leccinum scabrum